The Way We Do It (Second Album)

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The first Colonial Cousins album was a tour de force. In November 19 1998, their second album, a sophomore effort, The Way We Do It (Album), was a continuation of, and a departure from, that first effort. Lyrically low-key, musically rich and groove-ridden, this album saw Hari and Lezz establish themselves as India's premier fusion artists.

The album was a continuation in musical terms to the extent that Lezz and Hari had done what they do best individually, and fused it into a format that enriches and complements each other. That said, the album was also a departure sound-wise from their eponymous first album. While that has a softer sound to it, their second album was edgier and groovier.

The album has some successful singles like the title track Way We Do It (audio track)) with U. Srinivas playing on it, Dekhoon main jahan penned by talented ghazal singer Javed Akhtar, No Longer Mine and Lady.

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