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1. Colonial Cousins looking for more such offers

On the eve of the release of Modhi Vilayadu, the film’s, music directors Hariharan and Leslie Lewis, known as the Colonial Cousins, were present at the Spencer Plaza’s Music World showroom as part of the promos.

Happy over working with director Saran in Modhi Vilayadu, the duo said that they are expecting more such offers to carve a niche for themselves in the Tamil film industry.

Hariharan said that the Colonial Cousins would strive to achieve the name and fame that legendary music directors Viswanathan-Ramamurthy were able to accomplish. Both Hariharan and Leslie obliged the fans present at the venue by signing autographs.

2. Modhi Vilayadu Audio Launch

The audio launch of Media One Global Entertainment Ltd’s in association with Gemini Industries and Imaging‘s  Modhi Vilayadu was a well attended and a unique affair.There were no chairs on the dais, as one of the producers and director Saran revealed- “All my guests are VIPs so they are already seated in front of the dais”.

The guest list included hero Vinay (looking visibly tired) who later spoke in Tamil on stage, apart from Vairamuthu who announced ‘the good news that he would speak only for 7 minutes’ amidst much laughter, since he is known for his long speeches. He lauded the efforts of Saran who had risen up again despite suffering debts and losses in his life.
Once the invitees like Mysskin, Vairmuthu and the producers of the film gathered on stage, the CD case was handed over to the press and passed around till the last person seated a senior journalist received it and he went up to the stage and released the music along with the special invitees.

Says Saran : “The press has always supported us and is a part and parcel of our industry and efforts. I wanted to include them in this launch.” Four songs were screened featuring lead pair Vinay and Kajal Agarwal. Hari and Les the Colonial cousins who are the music directors were also present and introduced the singers to the audience. Yuhi Sethu and S Ramakrishnan were among the speakers with the latter having written the story and dialogues.

Saran called on stage his two associates Karthik and Saravanan and announced that nothing would have been possible without them. Earlier in his speech, Mysskin too had lauded his own assistants and acknowledged their untiring effort in his films.

3. Colonial Cousins concert in Kochi

Yesteryear pop phenomena Colonial Cousins are all ready for a concert in Kochi, Kerala. Leslie Lewis and Hariharan will be performing at the JT PAC, Cochin on Saturday 20th June 2009. Ticket prices are in the range of Rs. 500-1200per head. JT PAC takes art very seriously and for the past couple of weeks having fantastic shows in regular frequencies.

This week the Malayalam rock band Avial is all set to perform. We are not quite sure how a rock concert in a seated auditorium would turn out to be.

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