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Colonial Cousins is a band formed by Indian duo comprising of singer Hariharan and singer-composer Leslie Lewis. They also have a largely successful career as solo artists as well. Their unique brand of music fused Indian and Western musical genres instantly won the hearts of young and old alike. The album hit platinum in sales in India alone and consistently busted the Indian music charts in 1996. Award upon award was piled on the duo, notably the MTV Asia Viewers' Choice Award, 1996, and the US Billboard's Viewers' Award, 1996. On 19 November 1998, the Colonial Cousins released their second album, The Way We Do It. They also released their third album "Aatma" on January 01, 2001. They have scored two Tamil films, Modhi Vilayadu (2009), Chikku Bukku (2010). Their fourth album Once More was released in 2012.

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    Why don't you guys perform/produce music anymore?

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